Tampa Bay Burger Week 2016: My Honest Review

Tampa Bay Burger Week 2016 has come and gone.  Just like last year I was determined to sample several of the Burger Week specials around the bay.  

This is the second year of which I am aware that Creative Loafing has hosted the Tampa Bay Burger Week. Last year there was a lot of participation from restaurants all over the bay that featured a $5 burger for 10 days. There were a wide variety of burgers being offered which accommodated everyone’s tastes and dietary preferences including vegetarians and those who do not eat beef or pork. I wished I had been able to try more of the burgers, so you can imagine that I could not wait until this year to do it again.


This year, however, things did not go very smoothly. To start, the dates were changed for the Tampa Bay Burger Week the weekend before the originally scheduled week. The delay was only one week later, fortunately, since I had planned several dining dates with the specific intention to sample the featured burgers. The second disappointment for me was that most of the burgers were not $5. This year most of the participants priced their burgers at $10 which totally defeats the purpose of the week for me. Burgers are $10 every day of the week, so what made Creative Loafing and the participating restaurants think this would be a deal is beyond me.


Now let me take a moment to provide my opinion for any business owners willing to hear my 2 cents.  I am assuming you participated in Creative Loafing’s Tampa Bay Burger Week because you wanted to draw attention to your restaurant. My guess is you wanted to attract some new customers to sample your menu, right?  Great! Typically the draw for any restaurant week is getting a meal I would not have otherwise been able to get the deal that you are offering.  $10 burgers are not a deal especially when they are ala carte, however, $5 burgers are.


That being said, you already know the deal. I did not sample many burgers this year. The burgers which received priority for me were the ones priced at $5. I did make two exceptions for burgers that seemed interesting and worth the higher price. Continue reading for my review of each burger.


  1. Drama Burger $10

This burger was cooked well done even though it was supposed to be medium well. I and not as flavorful as I had hoped. This was a great concept but a failure in execution.


  1. Stein & Vine $10

This was a good burger. It was not as unique as I had hoped when ordering a Peanut Butter and Jelly burger. The PBJ was not prominent enough to make it taste different or special.


  1.  The Ave $5

My burger was not cooked medium and too spicy for me to enjoy. I liked that it wasn’t a plain burger. The Ave did not skimp because it was burger week and they provided a quality burger at a great price.

  1. Eats $5

The Juicy Lucy is supposed to be a stuffed burger and this one was not. That’s my only complaint though. It was a really good cheeseburger which was also served with a side. This was the best overall deal. It was a great burger and a great price.


  1.  Front Porch $5

The Pizza Burger was cooked a perfect medium. It was moist and juicy within. The burger itself was flavorful but when combined with the pizza sauce and cheese, it was absolutely delicious! This is a feature I would come back to have again without a doubt.


In closing Tampa Bay Burger Week 2016 was no rival to last year but I did enjoy binging on burgers throughout the week. Now what I did not enjoy were the workouts I had to complete to compensate for eating 5 burgers in one week.

Please check out my Tampa Bay Burger Week feature from last year here and subscribe to the blog for more of my frugal adventures.

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