Morning Musings – March 20

Well Spring Break is officially over. The week seemed to fly by but don’t they always when you are off. This week was a good week but I really wish I had been able to travel a bit. I rarely have 9 days off from work so I wish I had been able to take advantage of the time off with a global excursion. I had to be an adult though and stay put since my goal is eliminating debt this year and the trip really was not in the budget.

So what did I do all week? EAT, EAT and more EAT (with friends). Oh and some relaxation and tv time with my mom.

My mom’s favorite stations are the Game Show Network, Centric and TV Land. Since my mom was off too since she is also a teacher, we spent some time laughing over some of her favorite TV shows of the past.

I was able to hang out with many of my friends, mostly over food. One of the friends I hung out with a few times is Gerardo Luna. He and I became friends over our interest in photography. You should check out some if his work here.

His family invited me over twice this week, once for homemade Picanha (Brazilian Steak) and the other time for Ceviche. When I tell you they were both damn good. I really need to go back over with the goal of learning the recipes because it was restaurant quality good.

I will close with images of my foodie adventures from the week. Follow me on Instagram to see my daily food pics on IG stories.

I hope you had a great weekend and an even better week.




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