Monday Morning Musings – April 3

April is officially here. Can you believe one quarter of the year is already over? This year seems to be flying by. This weekend I spent some time analyzing the first quarter. Although I am not where I want to be with accomplishing my goals, I am making progress. By completing the analysis, I have become keenly aware of where I need to pick up the pace so that I can be on track with my overall goals for this quarter and the year overall.


This month I need to complete the following:

  1. Develop another stream of income!
  2. Call for new car insurance quotes, I think I am paying way too much.
  3. Call to request APR reductions on my credit cards so that I can more aggressively tackle my debt.
  4. Re-evaluate my investment allocation within my portfolio.
  5. Complete 1 blog post each day with a total of 30 for the month.
  6. Purge my closet, I have too much stuff that I haven’t worn in years still taking up space.
  7. Complete my taxes before the deadline.
  8. Plan my summer vacation for July.
  9. Draft my birthday bucket list for completion in May
  10. Read 1 new book.


What are some of the tasks you need to complete your goals for the 2nd quarter of the year? Do you find that making quarterly goals is helpful in the attainment of your yearly goals?



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