Legitimate Mystery Shopping

How to become a Legitimate Mystery Shopper


I know many people have heard of mystery shopping as a method for earning extra money while working from home. If you haven’t, let me explain: mystery shopping is utilized by companies to evaluate the service standards of their employees from the customer’s perspective. The companies hire outside companies to have shoppers evaluate and report on their experience.

Why would a company pay for this service, you may ask? It is important to gauge the quality of service as the customers experience it.

For a while scams were prevalent in this industry making it hard for people to believe this was a legitimate industry for earning opportunities. The truth is that mystery shopping is real. There are real companies that pay real money for you to complete evaluations for their clients.  Mystery shops are conducted in a variety of industries ranging from automotive to banking to hospitality.

As a person who has conducted mystery shops for an excess of 10 years, I have conducted a variety of mystery shops. Although I have never utilized mystery shopping as a means to earn a full time income, I have enjoyed the benefits of free services, meals and a moderate increase in my discretionary income. Additionally I also know that my feedback is used to refine the customer service experience.


I have attached a list of legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies:

  1. A Closer Look
  2. Bestmark
  3. Beyond Hello
  4. Customer Impact
  5. Feedback Plus
  6. Goodwin & Associates
  7. Intellishop
  8. Jancyn
  9. Jobslinger
  10. Kern Scheduling
  11. Market Force
  12. Mercantile Systems
  13. Pinnacle
  14. Ritter Associates
  15. Service Check
  16. Service with Style
  17. Service Sleuth
  18. Service X (Service Excellence Group)
  19. Sinclair Customer Metrics
  20. Summit Scheduling


I am sure there are more but if you are trying to determine if they are real, look out for the following warning signs:

  • Legitimate mystery shopping companies do not send you checks to cash unless it’s a reimbursement for services rendered. If someone is sending you a check and asking you to cash it and send them a portion back, IT’S A SCAM!
  • Legitimate mystery shopping companies will have an established business and corresponding website with a business address, phone numbers and email addresses. These days most also have social media pages as well.
  • Legitimate mystery shopping companies will make you complete an application which requires personal information (including your social security number) so they can issue a 10-99 for services rendered to you at the end of the year. Real companies will need to report your earnings to the IRS.


As you begin your applications to the aforementioned companies, you will find that they are all about the same. My suggestion is to compile one document with all of the answers to the questions you are being asked. You will definitely be glad you did because your application process will be much quicker with the use of this document and the following keys: Ctrl C & Crtl V. There may be some variations but overall the questions are consistent.

I hope that this will be a guide to assist you in becoming a bonafied mystery shopper. May your experiences and additional income help you to reach your financial goals. As always please share your successes and experiences in the comments below.  And of course if you find this information useful subscribe because there is more where this came from and you won’t want to miss it.



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