Happy Cinco de Tia: My Favorite Things

It’s my birthday!


So instead of celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I am celebrating Cinco de Tia.


I want to thank you for following along with me and reading my blog. Today I am sharing 34 of my favorite things with you as I celebrate the beginning of my 34th year of life.


  1. FOOD! I am a foodie for real, I live to eat good food. I think I should’ve gone to culinary school.
  2. Sweets! Dessert is my weakness, especially my mother’s peach cobbler. But rich dark chocolate is a close second.
  3. Doritos are my kryptonite (spicy nacho and nacho cheese specifically)
  4. Trader Joes Cookie Butter – eaten directly out of the jar with a spoon!
  5. Tropical Smoothies (all fruit, no dairy or supplements) – I do not drink coffee or tea so this is my substitute.
  6. Music – I am a sucker for a great mix from a good DJ.
  7. The theater – there is something about a Broadway musical that makes my heart happy.
  8. Cuddles! (And soft kisses on the forehead.)
  9. Audio books – I love learning but reading has not been my thing of late, audio books however are my best friend.
  10. A physical book and an actual bookstore. Even though I usually read audio books these days, there is still something about having a bound book.
  11. Cookbooks – I read them like I used to read novels.
  12. Freebies! This frugal chic loves a good sale but free is always better.
  13. Travel – take me away and let me be with the people. I love to see the world and experience culture through food, music and my interactions with the locals.
  14. T-shirts, jeans and flip flops which would be my daily uniform if I could. (Except for when I am  at home then its amended to just T-shirt and panties)
  15. My friends and family – they keep me grounded and filled with love (and the occasional headache but I’ll take it).
  16. Sunflowers! I don’t know why but they have been my favorite flower since childhood.
  17. Anyone who washes dishes after I cook. Dishes are my least favorite chore so instant friendship for those who don’t mind.
  18. A handwritten letter.
  19. Lists – I couldn’t live life without them.
  20. Capturing that perfect image (no edits necessary)!
  21. Sweet wine – Moscato & Riesling reign supreme right now. A good sangria will hit the spot too.
  22. Seeing others smile as a result of something I have done.
  23. A good massage! The one that makes me feel so relaxed that I fall asleep and want to stay on the table for a few hours and when I wake up all of the pain is gone away.
  24. Sunrise or Sunset on the beach! It’s something about walking on the beach at that time of day that makes me feel at peace and relaxed.
  25. A trip where I am not asked to drive. I dream of having a husband one day who enjoys driving and will gladly let me be a forever passenger.
  26. Good manners – enough said right?!
  27. Good grammar! (Please note I intentionally break grammar rules for the sake of effect in my writing but I am really big stickler for grammar otherwise)
  28. Organized and clean space!
  29. Joanna Gaines, the Magnolia Mom of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. I really want to be her apprentice because she is super dope with an amazing design eye. But I especially love her relationship with her husband and dedication to her children.
  30. The aromatherapy line at Bath and Body Works.
  31. A warm bubble bath!
  32. A long chat with an old friend.
  33. Children – the purity of their hearts just makes me smile and warms mine.
  34. Purple – It is my favorite color and I love all shades.


Thank you so much for following along with my journey. I hope that I am able to share money saving tips and techniques that help you live a full life regardless of your budget.

As you would probably expect, today I will be spending time enjoying my day eating lots of birthday freebies. Follow along on instagram as I enjoy this #monthofme.



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