Frugal Fitness Finds with Groupon Goods


This is a sponsored post but even if it wasn’t I would have still written this blog post because all of these opinions are mine.


So I am totally not happy with my current body or shape at the present moment. As a result I have committed myself to getting more physically fit and eating better. Both of which are proving to be much more challenging than I had hoped. What can I say though, I am a girl who loves food but doesn’t love working out nearly as much.

In my quest to becoming a fit chick, I have been exploring running as a low cost way to burn a few calories during the week. I hope to train hard enough to run a 5k before the end of this year. After my first attempt at taking a run, I quickly realized I probably needed a few more accessories.

I was so excited to go for my first run that I put on my workout clothes, hopped in the car and got to my workout destination. Then it dawned on me,  I have my bulky key ring with my keys for work and home, cell phone as big as a brick and a water bottle. Yeah that’s a lot to hold while trying to run, well actually walk/jog in my case.




Well that’s where Groupon Goods came to the rescue. Since I am used to using Groupon for my restaurant deals, something said check the site to see if I could get the workout gear that I needed too. I mean since Groupon helped me save on all that yummy food, maybe they could help me save on the equipment I needed to work off the calories gained from eating.








I was pleased to find all of the equipment and more available right on Groupon Goods.


What are some of your favorite Groupon Goods?


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