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About Pennies In My Pocket


I am frugal money savvy chic who loves living life to the fullest. As a college graduate with 2 degrees, I did not imagine that I would still be living with the budget of an undergrad. I have always been a frugal person who focused more on saving than spending; learning to stretch a dollar was necessary in a single parent household.  I further developed my penny pinchin’ skills while pursuing my college education on the highest of seven hills in Tallahassee, FL and continued to hone them over time.

I love living a life full of adventure, great food, the arts and travel despite not being independently wealthy (YET) or the beneficiary of an endowed trust.  I am not by nature a cheap person; in fact I quite like nice things. I just can’t always afford them.  So as a result, over time I have just become allergic to reckless overspending. Now that doesn’t mean I do not still like nice things and that I don’t treat myself, I am just a bit more strategic and savvy about how and when I obtain them.

This blog grew from my friends desire to have me share my many tips regarding managing money with the others. They are constantly amazed at how I am able to do so much with so little income.  So here at Pennies In My Pocket, you will find the penny pinchin’ tips and strategies I use to help you make the most out of your income however large or small it may be.


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