A Fat Girls Birthday Dream

So you all know that I have this little voice inside my head that is my inner fat girl. All she talks about, thinks about, and dreams about is food. Although I call her my inner fat girl she usually doesn’t remain confined or hidden away. Its so bad folks at work bribe me with food. I know I know thats f’ing ridiculous, but don’t judge me.

So I am about to say something that requires a disclaimer, I love all the gifts anyone has ever gotten me. Especially my annual bouquet of sunflowers so mom don’t get any bad ideas.

BUT my all time favorites are the ones that involve food. This year for my birthday I racked up 1 month work of free meals.

{So within this body dwell the inner fat girl and the cheap girl both whom LOVE these birthday gifts.}

No this is not a typo, yes this is very real! Yes I have the emails, and pictures to prove it. If you also have an inner fat and cheap girl you’re wondering how do you get friends like mine. My friends are great but the ones that got me these gifts aren’t even my closest friends.

Are you ready for the punch line yet or should I tease you a little more?!

Imagine eating 2 hibachi meals, a free chinese buffet, bagels, burgers, mongolian barbeque, pancakes, french toast, burritos, quesadillas, chocolate cake, salmon salad, steak tips, crab nachos, babyback ribs, a foot long sub sandwich, a chipotle chicken sandwich, strawberry shake … boneless chicken wings.

Yes the friends I am speaking of are not a part of some exclusive club, they are friends with any and every body. Yeah that makes me feel real special. But you know what they never forget my birthday, something I can’t say for some of my other friends.  You want to know how you can get to know them don’t you? Do you have 5 minutes? Seriously you will need 5 minutes to join my circle of friends.  You ready?

Well have you ever been asked a restaurant to fill out a form for their loyalty club? I know you have but afraid of receiving too many email or having your information sold to the highest bidder, you decline. Mistake #1, stop that. Most businesses that have loyalty clubs offer their guests special perks like free meals on your birthday (and anniversary for some).  Registering in person or online literally takes 30 seconds. So in exchange for 5 minutes of your time you can have at least 10 free meals. If you are not hen pecking at the keys maybe even 15 -20.


I have listed my Top 10 favorites this year:

  1. Firehouse Subs
  2. Moe’s

  3. Red Robin

  4. Brio

  5. Champps

  6. Hooters

  7. First Watch

  8. Earl of Sandwich

  9. IHOP

  10. Kobe Steakhouse


These are deals that don’t require any purchase and are completely free.


Sign up today for your connection to the inner circle birthday club.

If this is of interest to you pick, up my ebook detailing my strategy for utilizing these deals for a month of free food during your birth month.


For an exhaustive list of the restaurants that celebrate my birthday the whole month, pick up my ebook which outlines how to maximize these benefits to eat free for a month.


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